Bible Study Made Simple

Bible Study Made Simple

by Wesley Pierce

Description: About the Book

"Bible Study Made Simple" serves as a primer for quickly understanding major life-topics or themes contained in the Bible...God's communication to all Mankind.

With an easy-to-read total of 133 pages, the book gives an overview of the history of God's dealings with the human race, beginning with Adam and Eve and on down through following generations.

The life-topics, which are common to all people, are explained by hundreds of related verses from the Bible. About 80% of the book is quoted directly from the wisdom and authority of the Scriptures, making it a dependable source.

Besides individual use, "Bible Study Made Simple" makes an excellent study-aid for discussion groups of all sizes, whether meeting in churches, homes, or cafes. Anyone learning from it will gain stronger self-identity and purpose for both life and death.

So get your own copy or several for a study-group, and let the light shine into your heart. Everything needed to be accepted by God, and to know Him personally is included.

Check the Table of Contents.

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free" -- John 8:32

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