Take to the Hills! Clothing the Sierra Madres

Take to the Hills! Clothing the Sierra Madres

by Patrick Randall

Description: The renowned FreewayBlogger, aka Patrick Randall, tells the story of one of his earliest decision to take direct action—he hears a report of poverty in Mexico, loads up his trusty old VW bus and hits the road with half a ton of clothes, no map, some good tunes and a sense of adventure.

The trip turns into an exploration in discovery, friendship and the power of acting on your beliefs in a tale of a journey that's part travelogue, part exhortation to take philanthropic risks, but all heart.

"Take to the Hills! Clothing the Sierra Madres" is the story of how a coincidence turned an English teacher into a modern-day Robin Hood: taking warm clothing from the rich and bringing them to the poorest, coldest people he could find. It shows how one person can make a difference in the lives of thousands and have the adventure of a lifetime doing it.

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