Hector Trogg's Perfect World

Hector Trogg's Perfect World

by P. A. Booth

Description: Heart-pounding danger, action packed and dreadfully funny.

A bored schoolboy, daydreaming of aerial dogfights and tank battles. What if his dream world became reality? What if this impulsive boy caused more damage and destruction than the assassin pursuing him? What if his sister was the real hero?

A book for pre-teens and teenagers: accident, adventure, an exciting roller coaster of events infused with an ever-present humour. It paints strong characters in a believable world. Hector Trogg has a powerful story line combined with plot twists, incident and humour that will appeal as much to adults as it will to its target audience.

This book is also available as an audio book in MP3 format (.zip file), read by a human narrator, as well as iTunes-ready .M4B Audiobook file, total running time 821 minutes. Click the play button below to hear a sample.

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