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New! We are now offering complete book marketing services based on our 101 Book Marketing Ideas. This is a full-service where we work within your budget to get the most out of your promotional dollar.

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If you are willing to spend at least $150 on your book and would like a quote on a comprehensive book marketing plan, complete this form, which provides us with the necessary information to take care of you. We will get back to you no later than 3 business days (usually within hours) with your customized marketing plan. No obligation.

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About Your Book

Please tell us a little about your book. There are different marketing strategies for different kinds of books.

Resources You Are Willing To Invest

The marketing plan we propose depends greatly on two factors: 1) how much money you are willing to invest in your book and 2) how much of your time you are willing to invest in your book. This is based on a 3 month timeline and includes anything related to your book.

less than one hour per week
a few hours per week
up to 10 hours per week
between 10-20 hours per week
between 20-40 hours per week
more than 40 hours per week
no more than $150
between $500-$1000
between $1000-$2500
between $2500-$5000
between $5000-$10,000
between $10,000-$25,000
over $25,000
Public Speaking
Graphic Design
Website Development
Search Engine Optimization
Doing Research on the Web
Video Production

Your Book's Sales Volume

Marking plans for books that currently have a low sales volume are very different from marketing plans for books that have a high sales volume. If you book is not currently for sale, you can leave this section blank, or if you are confident that you can accurately predict the initial volume, complete this information.

Your Book-Related Online Accounts

Let us know where you have already setup accounts for the purpose of marketing this book.

Amazon Author Central
HARO (Helping A Reporter Out)
Google Plus

Your Website / Blog

An author / book website can be an important part of a book marketing campaign.

Miscellaneous Information

Your Contact Information

If you are not logged in you will need to enter your contact information.

Book Marketing Service

Over 450,000 books were self-published in 2013. No matter how outstanding your self-published book may be, it is not difficult to realize that it can get lost in the sea of books published each year. Competition for readers is tough, so your marketing has to be tough, as well. Don't let your book be one of many that remain dormant on the virtual shelves. Complete this quick form to see how we can work within your budget to market your book efficently and effectively!

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  Ebook Publishing Service - Formatting, Conversion, Distribution, and Promotion Package: Now Just $149!

When you take advantage of this limited-time special offer, you will get free Press Release Distribution for your book.

* Price does not include the press release writing service—you can write the release yourself or hire our PR specialist to do it for you. All press releases must comply with the editorial guidelines. The Press Release Distribution must redeemed within 90 days of the initial order. Your press release must include a link to your book on the eBookIt.com bookstore, and no other links to other bookstores (although you certainly can mention other bookstores). Price is $125 less if submitting a valid .epub, and $100 more if submitting only a .pdf.

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Get Your Author / Book Website

Checkout our new webhosting division for authors at http://www.hostingauthors.com. HostingAuthors.com was created by an author for authors, and comprises the set of web tools needed for any author to most effectively market their books and promote themselves on the Internet.


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