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How To Offer Your Book at a Discount or for Free

Did you ever want to run a special promotion for your book, where users can be given a promotion code and get your book at a discounted price... or even free? Now you can through the bookstore. Unlike the free download code that you set in your profile, the promotion code is unique to a title, meaning you can have one promotion code for each of your books, and each promotion code can be for a different discount.

  Free Download Code Promotion Code
Where Set In your user profile In your book's project record
Applies To All of your books in the Bookstore Only the book the promotion code is set for
If Entered The customer will get your book for free The customer will get the discount you associated with the promotion code

How the Codes Work

They are applied in the bookstore. 1) the customer enters the code, 2) clicks the "verify" button, and 3) the discount is applied.

How To Set Your Free Download Code


Your Profile

This code is set in your profile, so once you are logged in, click the "Your Profile" link in the header menu.

Once you authenticate, you will be taken to your profile where you will find the download code field. Enter your code there. This is the code you will give to people who you want to be able to download any of your books for free.

Then don't forget to click the "Update Your Details" button at the bottom of your page. (While you are there, why not upload your author photo?)

 How To Set Your Book-Specific Promotion Code


Open Your Book Project

Assuming you are already logged in, click on the "CLIENT AREA" button in the header menu.

Locate your book either under the "Search Projects" section. If you don't see your project, click the "try your archived projects" link.

Click on the book that you want to setup the promotion code for.



Set Your Promotion Code and Discount Amount

Now that you are in your project, scroll to the " Bookstore Settings" section and click that section header to expand it.

Enter in the code you want customers to enter in order to get the discount.

This is the promotion code specifically for this book in the bookstore that will be associated with discount entered below. You can change this as often as you like -- it updates in the bookstore in real time. Customers will have to enter this promotion code to get the discount, otherwise they will see and pay the full price. The promotion code is NOT case sensitive. Limit 25 characters.


Tip: Avoid non-standard characters such as !@#$%^&*(). Stick with letters and numbers (spaces between words are okay).

Now select the discount that you want customers who enter the promotion code to get. If you want them to get the book for free, select the "100% off" option.

If the code set above is entered in the bookstore, the customer will get this percentage off of the retail price. Example, if your book is $10.00, and this percentage is 10%, the customer will pay $9.00.

You are done!



Registered User Comments

Gary McKown
Monday, October 14, 2019 - 05:48:57 PM
How many promotion codes can be active ay any one time?

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Bo Bennett, PhD
Monday, October 14, 2019 - 07:09:38 PM
Just one at a time. But you can have unlimited referral codes (not discussed here)

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