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Book Printing Services / Print On Demand

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As great as ebooks are, as an author, there is nothing like seeing the result of perhaps years of work materialize in a physical book.  Holding your book in your hands is one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment any author can experience. This is just one reason print on demand books are as popular as they are.  Besides the subjective feeling of accomplishment, printed books still account for about half of book sales, and serve many purposes such as giveaways, promotional copies, and back-of-room sales at events.

What is Print On Demand?

Just what the name implies.  Your book, in paperback or hardcover (case laminate or cloth with jacket) format, black and white or in color, printed as needed.  What is great about print on demand, is that you, as the author, can do short-run book printing and have 10 or more copies printed and shipped to your home, to sell or give away as needed. This is unlike going through book printers who require hundreds of books minimum. The major online retailers—Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble will sell the printed version of your book, and the major distributor, Ingram, will make your book available to virtually every bookstore in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, both online and brick and mortar. Or, you can simply get books printed for your own distribution.

Here are some of examples of how the process works once your book is made available via print on demand:

Example #1: The Online Shopper

Buying Print On Demand Books
  • the online shopper finds and orders your book in paperback or hardcover format on Amazon.com
  • just one copy of your book is printed and shipped directly to the customer
  • you are paid your share, less the cost of the printing

Example #2: Physical Bookstore

Book Printing Services Bookstore
  • Mom and Pop Books in Anytown, USA likes your book and, thanks to on demand book printing, orders a dozen copies for their book shelves
  • a dozen copies are printed and shipped to Mom and Pop Books
  • you are paid your share, less the cost of the printing

Example #3: Copies For You

Print On Demand Delivery
  • you order a case of 50 books for your own personal distribution
  • 50 copies are printed and shipped directly to you
  • you pay for the cost of the printing and shipping

The best part—besides the low production costs, is that there are no storage fees, nor any need to invest huge sums of money into large quantities of books. Book printing via print on-demand is a very inexpensive option thanks to technology in printing books.

To use our book printing service, your book must be priced so it does not lose money. This might sound like a no-brainer, but each book sold must be priced high enough so it makes money and does not lose money. Our pricing tool will help you choose the best price for your print book.

Book Printing Costs

The print on demand costs depends on several factors, including if you choose paperback or hardcover, the size of your book, they type of paper, the number of pages, what services you require, distribution, and shipping/handling. But worry not! Use our interactive tool to price your book. If you are having us create your book for you, just estimate the number of pages to get an estimate.

Book Printing Production Time

Please allow 4-6 weeks from the time your order is placed to the time the order is shipped. If your print on demand book will require more time, we will let you know. If your book is a rush and you need books for an event, let us know and we can offer a rush service.

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Book Marketing Service

Over 450,000 books were self-published in 2013. No matter how outstanding your self-published book may be, it is not difficult to realize that it can get lost in the sea of books published each year. Competition for readers is tough, so your marketing has to be tough, as well. Don't let your book be one of many that remain dormant on the virtual shelves. Complete this quick form to see how we can work within your budget to market your book efficently and effectively!

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When you take advantage of this limited-time special offer, you will get free Press Release Distribution for your book.

* Price does not include the press release writing service—you can write the release yourself or hire our PR specialist to do it for you. All press releases must comply with the editorial guidelines. The Press Release Distribution must redeemed within 90 days of the initial order. Your press release must include a link to your book on the eBookIt.com bookstore, and no other links to other bookstores (although you certainly can mention other bookstores). Price is $125 less if submitting a valid .epub, and $100 more if submitting only a .pdf.

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Get Your Author / Book Website

Checkout our new webhosting division for authors at http://www.hostingauthors.com. HostingAuthors.com was created by an author for authors, and comprises the set of web tools needed for any author to most effectively market their books and promote themselves on the Internet.


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