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11 Steps to Powerful Public Speaking: Quick reference for speaking in public!

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By Jacki Rose. This ebook is available in the following downloadable formats: pdf (for reading on PC or MAC), epub (iPad, Nook, and most ebook readers), mobi (Amazon Kindle).

Public speaking can be fun! You may not think so, but anything in life can be fun if we allow it to be. Even public speaking!

There are three groups of people when it comes to the attitude of public speaking:

- The Naturals

- The Converters

- The Avoiders

The Naturals are people who have always enjoyed presenting in front of an audience. They are hardly ever nervous, they are not afraid to show their true personality, and they usually feel very comfortable with all eyes on them when they are speaking. This is the minority, a rare group compared to most people in our society.

The Converters are those who have been converted from once hating public speaking (or just not liking it very much, or just gosh darn afraid of it) to actually enjoying it and even having fun with it. They went through the process of learning the skills, practicing, and improving. They took action in overcoming their negative attitude and/or fears towards public speaking. They practiced every chance they could, and they began to believe they were capable of being a good or great presenter. These people have learned to actually enjoy public speaking, find it fun, and some have even gone on to become professional speakers. This is the group I fit into.

The Avoiders are people who hate public speaking, fear it, and wish it could be avoided at all costs. If this is you, congratulations, you are normal and in the majority. The good news is you can easily become a converter if you want to and most likely you do because you are reading this book.

All you have to do to become a converter (to go from avoiding public speaking to enjoying it) is to learn the skills that are presented in this book, practice them at every opportunity you get, and then practice some more. The more you actually get up and practice, the more comfortable you will become. And once you are comfortable speaking in front of others, your entire life will change. After all, how we present determines the level of our success. The more confident, dynamic, and engaging you are, the more your audience will listen to you, believe what you have to say, learn from you, and do business with you.

Whether you are a Natural, a Converter, or an Avoider, you will benefit from this book.

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