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201 Motivational Quotes from Around the World

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By Irfan Alli. This ebook is available in the following downloadable formats: pdf (for reading on PC or MAC), epub (iPad, Nook, and most ebook readers), mobi (Amazon Kindle).


1. The difference between an optimist and a pessimist.
2. Who makes the world a dangerous place.
3. The greatest thing a parent can give a child.
4. What makes something good or bad.
5. The four steps to achievement.
6. Why you should love your enemies.
7. Where champions are made.
8. How to cheer yourself up.
9. Why we must put an end to war.
10. How to achieve happiness.
11. The greatest thing a father can give his children.
12. How to get ahead in life.
13. The five enemies to peace.
14. The two mistakes that keep us from truth.
15. The importance of persistence.
16. How long it takes to destroy a reputation.
17. How to earn loyalty.
18. And much more.

Find out what thinkers around the world have to say about these and other issues by reading this book.

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