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Call Sign, White Lily (New, Enlarged Fourth Edition with Bonus Material)

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By M. G. Crisci. This ebook is available in the following downloadable formats: pdf (for reading on PC or MAC), epub (iPad, Nook, and most ebook readers), mobi (Amazon Kindle).

When Mother Russia called, Lilia Litvyak traded her childhood for a YAK-1 fighter and shredded Hitler's vaunted all-male Luftwaffe on her way to becoming the world's first female ace.

With her country under siege, Lilia Litvyak transformed herself in just a few years from a child chasing fireflies to an aerial demon tormenting Hitler's Luftwaffe. In the process, she not only became the world's first female ace, Litvyak rose in a male-dominated society to become one of Russia's greatest World War II heroes. Litvyak's incredibly and largely untold story is set as historical fiction against the background of a devastating war that claimed the lives of as many as 30 million Soviet soldiers and citizens.

Yet the story of her transformation from child to Hero of the Soviet Union is more than fascinating. It serves as an important reminder of the unprecedented sacrifices the Soviets made during the Second World War against a common enemy--sacrifices that are increasingly and dangerously fading from the collective memory of Russians and Americans alike.

Equally disturbing is that until now Lilia's story--her childhood, life, loves, sacrifices and death in aerial combat over the Ukraine--have only been shared in bits and pieces. Call Sign, White Lily helps to correct this. It also tells the story of how an American with no Russian ancestry came to know Litvyak, visit her gravesite and monument in a tiny section of the Eastern Ukraine, speak to those that knew her and dig through long-buried records on her life and death.

Call Sign, While Lily brings Lilia Litvyak back to life--and in the process reminds both Russians and Americans of the importance and positive impact these great peoples can have by working together.

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