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Cashing In On a Second Home in Central America: How to Buy, Rent and Profit in the World's Bargain Zone

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By Tom Kelly and Mitch Creekmore. This ebook is available in the following downloadable formats: pdf (for reading on PC or MAC), epub (iPad, Nook, and most ebook readers), mobi (Amazon Kindle).

Central America is as different as the readers of this book. The region is an absolute paradox. It may be all that you imagine, but surprisingly, it is much more than one could ever embrace. It is more than the long and winding territory that connects North and South America. To the typical North American, the area conjures up vivid and varied images. On the geographical side, a mountainous area with volcanoes, colonial cities, jungles, and, of course, bananas and coffee. On the political front, turmoil, dictatorships and instability. On the economic front, rich versus poor, agriculture-based economies, and sweatshops where United States garments are manufactured and exported. It is a complex and fascinating place, home to 41 million people with a total gross domestic product of about $88 billion.

How do you begin to categorize such a dramatic and extraordinary For starters, this region geographically encompasses seven countries: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. These countries have many mysterious cities and fascinating destinations that you could only hope to place them on the map in your mind.

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