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Learn Wolof (audiobook)

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By Alagie Joof. This audiobook is available in the following downloadable formats: a .zip file containing multiple .mp3 files, .m4b files for Apple devices (iTunes, iPhone, etc.),

This is the audio cd for the book Learn wolof, Alagie Joof.

The biggest problems in learning language is pronouncing the words right. With this Audio, you will Learn exactly how to pronounce the words and sentences, and therefore learn the language much easier. Everything that is read in Wolof is read in English. Is for those who speak English. The audio is over 1 hour long and is full of different conversations like when you are in the shop, when you meet people, how to greet, when you are with friends and so on. It is also pack with names of various animals, birds, parts of a plant and many many more things.

Price: $15.00

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