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Monumental Heist

By Charles E Marsala. This ebook is available in the following downloadable formats: pdf (for reading on PC or MAC), epub (iPad, Nook, and most ebook readers), mobi (Amazon Kindle).

Monumental Heist reviews the story of the lifting of one monument in St. Louis, which spread to four monuments in New Orleans, which spread to thirty cities in America. The action increased the race as a topic in America during the 2016 & 2020 campaigns.

At a time when New Orleans was suffering from boil water advisories, flooding streets, increased murder and unemployment rates, and $231,000.00 in unfunded pension liabilities, Mayor Mitch Landrieu decided to remove $30 million in art. The project would be funded by an anonymous donor, who may have had his sites set on the art.

Monumental Heist reviews the lives of the men in the monuments, the reason they were erected, and the impact on America. .

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Charles Marsala
Saturday, May 12, 2018 - 01:57:20 AM
Thank you for considering or purchasing "Monumental Heist: A Story of Race; A Race to the White House"
This comprehensive book is over 500 pages long.

Press Release
“Monumental Heist” Presents Obvious Issues Myopic Mayors are Avoiding

Former Atherton California Mayor Charles Marsala analyses the questions and motivations surrounding monument removal and provides his original source documents for the reader’s review.
Marsala was on site in New Orleans through the attacks by Antifa on Mayday 2017, followed the monuments to their undisclosed storage spaces in New Orleans, and documents the saga with rare photography.
He reviews the history of slavery, the causes of the War of 1861, and memorialization of U S Military Veterans.

Removing monuments provides a means for a “Cult of Myopic Mayors” to avoid the pressing issues of violence, unfunded pensions, and infrastructure. It allows them to sell books and receive national recognition while Modern Day Slavery increases.

The three one-hundred-year-old bronze monuments removed by New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu in 2017 are valued at over $10 million dollars. Who would have benefited from their removal?
Is monumental removal being done to divert attention from the basic problems of high per-capita murder rate, increased non-violent shootings, increased unfunded pension liabilities, boil water advisories, clogged drains, collapsing streets, and Modern-Day Slavery? Is monument removal being done to generate “A story of Race; for the 2020 Race to the White House?” Is there now a “Cult of Myopic Mayors, removing monuments without true understanding of the issues and impacts?
Why were the monuments erected and who are the men in the monuments?
Are monuments to Presidents Jefferson, Jackson, Washington, and Lincoln at risk?
Marsala’s book reviews the history of European, African, American, and Arabian slavery and the trend of Modern Day Slavery. It reviews tariffs, state soverniginty, and slavery as causes of the war in 1860.
The book compares the 1847 Mexican-American War landing by Robert E. Lee at Veracruz to Eisenhower’s 1944 D-Day Landing in Europe.
Marsala provides concepts for solving New Orleans monument relocation and best practices for any city removing a monument.

Statistics, background, or other details
•700 monuments were erected by the United Daughters of the Confederacy
•Slaves were owned by Twelve U S Presidents, who have numerous monuments erected in their honor
•Following the 13th Amendment numerous politicians, now have monuments advocated segregation
•Modern Day Slavery in America is estimated at 60,000 and Worldwide at over 30 million
•During Mitch Landrieu’s terms as mayor, New Orleans Unfunded Pension Liabilities increased from $50 million to over $230 million, funds raised for infrastructure went to meet minimum retirement requirements by the state. Landrieu reduced the police force during a time of dramatic increases in non-fatal shootings; assigned the head of Sewage & Water Board to organize the monument removal during a time the city was flooding from afternoon rain storms; and the Inspector General reported lead concerns in New Orleans drinking water.
•Despite all these issues in New Orleans, Landrieu received the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage award in May 2018.
•Mayors in other U S Cities with high murder per capita followed his lead and a “slippery-slope” was created with monuments to Presidents, Supreme Court Justices, and even the Buffalo Soldiers at risk.
• Several Presidents spoke highly of Robert E. Lee including John F. Kennedy. What reasons did they give and what logic is now being used to contradicts their words?
•Was the monument removal issue created as a means to divide the country and obtain votes for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and set the stage for 2020?
•Antifa attacked New Orleans Monuments and Preservationists on Mayday 2017 and defaced monuments again on May 1st 2018. In his book, Mitch Landrieu assigns the as May 2nd and avoids the connection to Socialists leading the effort to remove monuments to America’s historical leaders.

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