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Sanctum Weres: Shadow Havens Book 7

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By Edenmary Black. This ebook is available in the following downloadable formats: pdf (for reading on PC or MAC), epub (iPad, Nook, and most ebook readers), mobi (Amazon Kindle).

As Rachel waits at the Demesne for word from Fortune, a quiet rural landscape becomes the bloody backdrop for a death match between two weres, caught in a web of revenge that began hundreds of years in the past. Only one will survive, yet the other's dangerous schemes will live on, because of a perilous lie. A vicious tempest threatens the rescue attempts from the Shadow Havens and a plan to shake Saint Rushton and the Demesne is born in bloodshed on the mean streets of the city. A were mercenary will become the tool of supernaturals and a banished archangel, who has a plan all his own. The mercenary will be paid well, but he wants more than money, which forces Sylvan Luce into the heart of a battle she never imagined.

Two willing hearts and a blade unite lovers in a secret Mating, while a warrior finds a new love in a tiny daemon healer, who's rarely shown him anything but her bossy side. As Iridea struggles to keep all the secrets of the Demesne, rumors fly about Diamond and Lily. The warrior and the healer are more alike that they know. Can passion ignite from the friendship between a sexy killer and a sensitive, traditional healer?

Saint Rushton's underworld begins to unravel, as Bride Kindeath's fears for Azalea and Heather drive her from the hereafter to the living Maidenheart to keep an eye on them. When she seeks an alliance among the denizens of the hereafter, she finds strange advice and a tragic death that reunites her with love.

Lucifer is playing his pawns, fulfilling Circe's brightest wish, but meeting Kellan again isn't what she had in mind. In the end, an Illuminant's desperate choice rips lovers apart, driving bitter enemies to join forces.

Sanctum Weres: Shadow Havens Book 7 contains descriptive material and scenes of explicit sexual encounters between consenting male and female adult characters. It is intended for adult readers only.

Don't miss the excerpt of Sanctum Illuminant: Shadow Havens Book 8 at the conclusion of Sanctum Weres: Shadow Havens Book 7!
Approximately 123,500 words.

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