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Sigma Rising

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By John Randolph Price. This ebook is available in the following downloadable formats: pdf (for reading on PC or MAC), epub (iPad, Nook, and most ebook readers), mobi (Amazon Kindle).

In the year 2021, twelve men and women in high government posts suddenly disappear. When it is realized that the spouses are also missing, the FBI launches a multi-pronged investigation along with a complete media blackout.

Kidnapping by a foreign terrorist group is suspected, but after discovering that there were no witnesses, signs of struggle, or evidence of foul play, intelligence services consider the possibility that the group left of their own accord and now represent a threat to our national security.

Keri Winslow, a Washington television reporter, and Phillip Lansing, White House correspondent for a major network, find the location of the missing VIPs and are soon involved in the unraveling of an ancient mystery that has been fearfully controversial for centuries-that there are those among us who are not of this world.

The characters in Sigma Rising are strong and memorable as they move through the twists and turns of a frenzied nation, clandestine meetings, paranormal experiences, grief and new found love, and a greater understanding about life and death.

The secrets of the benevolent beings who have been active on Earth for two million years is finally revealed. Although based on the spiritual truth of Ancient Wisdom with valid insights on the meaning of illusion and reality, this is basically a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the author's imagination.

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