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The Fisherman's Secret (audiobook)

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By Tara Duggan and Jason Fagone. This audiobook is available in the following downloadable formats: a .zip file containing multiple .mp3 files, .m4b files for Apple devices (iTunes, iPhone, etc.),

For generations, Giuseppe “Joe” Pennisi’s family had trawled for fish in the deep waters off the California coast, a way of life that was quickly vanishing. Then one night, unable to sleep, Joe watched a video he’d made of the ocean floor from cameras attached to his boat’s massive net.

Suddenly he saw it: a flash of something bright and gold amid the murk. Something he soon came to believe was sunken treasure.

But Joe discovers that glimpsing a potential treasure is one thing; actually pulling it from the ocean floor is another. For years, while navigating maritime law and puzzling through the logistics of recovery, he holds onto the secret of his discovery’s location — driven by the dream that he’d found a treasure that could change his family’s life.

San Francisco Chronicle reporters Tara Duggan and Jason Fagone follow Joe on his real-life, modern-day treasure hunt.

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