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What am I Going to Do With All My STUFF?

By Julie Hall, The. This ebook is available in the following downloadable formats: pdf (for reading on PC or MAC), epub (iPad, Nook, and most ebook readers), mobi (Amazon Kindle).

Written by nationally recognized expert estate advisor, personal property appraiser and liquidator, Julie Hall, this book offers the full gamut of what you should know from an industry insider giving you a 360 degree view of your options when it comes to figuring out "what to do with all your stuff." When you have no idea where to begin, Julie gives you the brain of an appraiser and liquidator rolled into one, including the Pros and Cons of each possible option, for making solid decisions when it is time to simplify, downsize, or totally liquidate your personal property.

This 66-page book is packed with information! Based on decades of experience and insider know-how, you will learn how to:

* Where Do You Begin?
* Understand value and the characteristics of value
* How to thin out the house one room at a time
* Determine your options for selling: Pros and Cons
* Handle large collections and items of value
* Determine what to keep, sell, donate and discard
* Overcome potential obstacles and factors that hinder the process
* Find professional help you can trust
* Avoid the mistakes people make
* Make peace with letting go

This eBook was written specifically for consumers seeking to better understand what is involved in liquidating an estate or preparing to sell a large array of personal property when downsizing.

VALUE-ADDED: No pun intended, this eBook is like taking an Appraisers 101 course! You learn how items are valued for resell, why some sell for much less than expected and other items sell for more.

Plus, receive these BONUS items:
* BONUS ARTICLE: 10 lbs of Flour in a 5 lb Sack
* BONUS FORM: Home Inventory Record Form

Price: $ 9.99

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