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Bo Bennett, PhD
Founder, eBookIt.com
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Bo Bennett, PhD

Founder, eBookIt.com

About Bo Bennett, PhD

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ebook conversion
Fri, Sep 12, 2014 - 08:02 AM

What level of proofreading is required on the proofs that you submit?

1 Answer

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Bo Bennett, PhD
Founder, eBookIt.com
Print Fri, Sep 12, 2014 - 08:02 AM
It depends on the contents of your book and how it was originally submitted to us. For example, most books submitted in .doc, rtf, .pages, or some other source document, require just a quick page by page proofing in most cases.

If you submit a PDF file, the conversions often require much work on our end to recreate the document based on the layout in the PDF. Depending on how the PDF was created, there could be many issues like lowercase letters that should be uppercase that we cannot notice in the paragraph by paragraph editing we do. A careful read of the first few pages should give you a good indication of what kind of detailed proofing you need to do for the document.

If you have submitted a physical book for us to scan and run OCR, then you do need to do a very careful, word by word, proofreading of your proof. OCR is not 100% accurate.

Please note that our formatting and conversion fee does NOT include proofreading. There is no way we can format, convert, distribute, AND proofread and entire book for the price we charge.
Bo Bennett, PhD
Social Scientist, Business Consultant
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