Question: Are there any disadvantages to converting a book from a PDF instead of an editable source file?

It is always best for us to convert from a source file, like .doc, .docx, .pages, .rtf, or even .odt file rather than a .pdf file, however, a .pdf will certainly do if nothing else is available. With a pdf file, there are some things to consider:

You pay a bit more. There are NO automatic PDF to source converters that do a perfect job. In fact, most conversions require hours of manual fixes. Time is money.

PDF conversions will require more careful proof reading. Due to the process of converting a PDF, words may break in odd places, lose capitalization or lose hyphens. Most PDF conversions are fine, but some result in many errors based on how the PDF was created. We will let you know if a word for word proofing will be necessary.

PDF conversions take a little longer. Normally, we can complete projects within 72 hours. PDF conversions can take a few days longer, plus the proofing process takes a bit longer as well.

We can do an amazing job converting your PDF to all major ebook formats, but just keep these points in mind.