Question: Will my eBook look exactly like my printed, pdf, or Word doc version of my book?

No. Ebooks are unique in that the font size can be adjusted by the reader, and displayed on many different ebook readers, each with its own screen size. This means that the ebook must be fluid and capable of adjusting on the fly. When we do the prep work for your ebook, we need to do the following:

Get rid of columns

Turn your tables, charts into images

Change your table of contents to no longer reference page numbers

Exclude any index you might have

Change all floating images to inline images, which might change the way they are displayed.

Remove all background images / paper styles

Remove all headers/footers

Remove all footnotes or move footnotes to the back of the book

Standardize the fonts

Remove all page numbers

Your file will not look exactly the same, but we will do the best we can to keep the original look and feel while making a properly formatted ebook.